• Detection Services

    We are specialists in the Bed Bug Industry, covering the diverse territory where Bed Bugs live.

    Micah Services Inc. has been studying Bed Bugs for over 12 years,  monitoring Bed Bug trends, mating and travel patterns.  We have developed protocols for the Hospitality Industry for managing Bed Bug infestations within facilities and have developed online educational classes and seminars for Management and Housekeepers.  Our Detection and Treatment methods have been tested and proven over the last decade with great results.  The implementation of Bed Bug Detection Canines has allowed us to increase accuracy and speed when inspecting large numbers of units.

    Some of our Customers Include…

    Hospitality Industry…. “Hotels, Resorts & Timeshares”

    Cruise Ships

    Public Housing… “Housing Authority, HUD & Section 8”

    Public Transportation…. “Buses, Cabs, Trains & Airliners”

    Jails…”Prison & Local Authority Lock-ups”

    Hospitals… “Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes”

    Office Spaces

    Retail Stores…”Clothing Stores and Furniture Stores”