• About Us

    We at BedBugFinders.com and Micah Services Inc. have formed Insect Education Services LLC and pride ourselves on being a reliable source of Pest Management Services within the Hotel, Apartment, HUD, and Time Share Industries.

    Our Business

    Started in 2002 in Brevard County Florida, Micah Services Inc. has been taking the industry by storm. Micah Nix, founder of Bedbugfinders.com and Micah Services Inc. has been serving in the Pest Control Industry for over 20 years and has surrounded himself with over 41 years of experience within his company and its employees. He has made great advances in working knowledge of Insect and Plants theories as well as a practical application of elimination procedures.  Our goal is to assist all of our clients to achieve an environment that is healthy, clean, and pest free.

    Who We Are

    We are a pest control and pest education company that shares the belief that through education and proper treatment techniques, we can make a difference. That is why we offer services to aid in limiting liability to the Management of Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Cruise Ships, Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities by Inspecting and giving  certification showing that the canine nor the Pest Control Technician did not detect any Bed Bugs.  This clearance shows that these managers are doing everything that is takes on a preventative level, showing Due-Diligence if a court case should arise.  By the 9th court of appeals, the testimony of the dog’s handler is completely admissible in court proceedings as Expert Professional Testimony!  Our goal is to help prevent lawsuits as well as prevent horrific Bed Bug bites to tenants, guests and clients.