• Thermal Remediation

    thermal remediation

    Thermal Remediation is the a method of bed bug elimination using heat to eradicate the infestation. In our experience dealing with Bed Bug infestations in hotels and resorts, we find that many counter-productive measures are taken to remedy these insect infestations. We have “ONE SOLUTION, ONE PROCESS.”  We are the total Bed Bug thermal remediation company.  We offer state of the art cleaning using Hepa Filtration Vacuums, along with dry steam technology to eliminate harborages, insects and eggs. We strip the linens, and use the state-of-the-art TempAir Systems to heat and remediate every square inch of the infested room. Then we treat the room with state approved insecticides for a residual.  After the pest treatment we use our Bed Bug dogs to find any harborages that might still be lurking in hard to access areas.  We can’t disclose all of our remediation techniques because they are specific to our service.

    If our plan is followed, we can eliminate Bed Bugs in as little as 24 hours. We can get the work done because we are the dog detectors, cleaners, sterilizers,  and Heat Treatment company that works closely with “your” staff  to eliminate the infestations.  We even put the room back together and get it ready for housekeeping to put on the finishing touches and get the room BACK ONLINE. This treatment eliminates many people entering and exiting the infested room where they inadvertantly spread the insects to other units and rooms. This is usually what happens when too many people and different departments get involved.We ELIMINATE all of the Bed Bug problems with one call, everything will be handled from start to back online in a short amount of time. Please call us for  Free Estimate.

    One Call Remediation, from Start to Finish! Guaranteed! 321-267-0620